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POSITION: Account Specialist

Responsible for soliciting new and repeat assigned loan accounts, managing processing and recommendation for approval of loans, monitoring of collection efficiency and overall portfolio management.


Responsible to research and analyze market conditions and opportunities in the areas of business operation. Reach sales target and help develop marketing plan to increase sales and generate profit.

1.  Receive loan applications and assess the borrower’s qualifications to determine the feasibility of granting the loan  

2. Conduct client (individual or group) orientation

3. Conduct credit/background investigation for borrowers and co-makers, assess client’s financial status and creditworthiness;

4.  Check the completeness of the loan documents and process the approval of loan;

5.  Establish strong relationship with the clients through regular meetings and visits and other marketing activities for regular updates of their account;

6.   Follow-up delinquent borrowers immediately and refer to immediate superior;

How to apply to this job:

Interested applicants may submit their application at or For more information you can contact us @ 09178575011 / 09988511098

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Account Specialist - Batangas